Barbie Dreamtopia Bubble Fairy Doll



Barbie Dreamtopia Bubble Fairy Doll is a dreamy Barbie that makes bubbles

The Barbie Dreamtopia Bubble Fairy Doll comes from Dreamtopia’s Sweetville Kingdom and this magical fairy has loads of fun features. Magical wings on Barbie’s back double as bubble makers, and her magic belt fans the bubbles into the air. Perfect for sunny afternoons in the backyard dancing through a shower of bubbles with your Barbie Dreamtopia Bubble Fairy Doll.

Features :

  • Barbie Dreamtopia Bubble Fairy Doll has a gorgeous fairy body with cute pink skirt and sweet inspired top.
  • Her butterfly wings double as the bubble maker, just dip the wings in the included bubble solution, pull her magic belt and watch as the fan spins to make hundreds of bubbles and pushes them into the air.
  • Kids can discover new worlds whilst playing with their Barbie Dreamtopia Bubble Fairy Doll.
  • The Barbie Dreamtopia Bubble Fairy Doll includes Bubble Fairy Doll, bubble solution and bubble solution holder.


Perfect for active play and modelling healthy and active imaginations the Barbie Dreamtopia Bubble Fairy Doll is a terrific addition to any Barbie collection.