Barbie Chelsea Can Be Dog Trainer Playset in Blonde



This Barbie: Chelsea Can Be… Dog Trainer Playset comes with themed storytelling pieces including a pup, a leash and other exciting accessories!

Add some dog training fun to your child’s playtime with the Barbie: Chelsea Can Be… Dog Training Playset! This playset includes a blonde Chelsea doll who stands at 6-in (15.2cm) in height and wears an adorable pair of shorts and a tank top to train her cute little puppy.

The playset also comes with themed storytelling pieces just like a leash for her pup, cones that can be arranged into an obstacle course, a mini hoop for jumping activities, a few treats, a dish for the dog and more, making the Barbie: Chelsea Can Be… Dog Trainer Playset a great new addition to your child’s collection!


  • The Barbie: Chelsea Can Be… Dog Trainer Playset includes a 6-inch blonde Chelsea doll, a puppy figure plus heaps of dog training-themed accessories including a leash, a doggy dish, a few treats, a hoop for jumps, cones and many more.
  • The included Chelsea doll wears a tank top and a pair of shorts.
  • Kids can arrange the included accessories around as they enjoy helping Chelsea out during her puppy-training day.
  • Suitable for kids, ages 3 years and older.

Inspire your child to widen their playtime’s storytelling fun with the Barbie: Chelsea Can Be… Dog Trainer Playset!