Bakugan Starter Pack 3-Pack Fenneca



Bakugan Starter Pack 3-Pack Fenneca features a 3-inch version of Fenneca, 2 Bakugan, 6 Bakucores and a Gate-Card for bonus power!

Take your child’s Bakugan Battles to a whole other level of excitement with the Bakugan Starter Pack 3-Pack Fenneca! Each pack comes with a 3-inch Bakugan along with its Faction symbol from the 3rd season of Bakugan and this one features none other than Fenneca, the new fennec fox-like Guardian Bakugan of Lia Venegas plus 2 Bakugan – all designed with a leap-open transformation.

This pack also includes 6 BakuCores, 3 Character Cards, 3 Ability Cards, a Gate-Card that reveals a bonus, a Battling Rules Sheet and an Instruction Sheet, making the Bakugan Starter Pack 3-Pack Fenneca a super cool gift for young Bakugan brawlers!


  • The Bakugan Starter Pack 3-Pack Fenneca includes:
    • 1 Bakugan Ultra
    • 2 Bakugan
    • 6 BakuCores
    • 3 Character Cards
    • 3 Ability Cards
    • 1 Gateway Card
    • 1 Bakugan Toy Battling Rules Sheet
    • 1 Instruction Sheet
  • Each Bakugan Ultra stands at 3-inches in height with a Faction Symbol from the 3rd season of the show.
  • The newly added Gateway Card allows kids to explore more ways to play and even earn bonuses.
  • Also available in other character designs (each sold separately).
  • Suitable for kids, ages 6 years and older.

Get your child to enjoy extra exciting Bakugan Brawls with new rules to learn and apply with the Bakugan Starter Pack 3-Pack Fenneca!