Aqua Dragons Deep Sea Habitat with LED Light



Aqua Dragons – Deep Sea Habitat with LED Light

If you loved Sea Monkeys then Aqua Dragons are for you, raise them from eggs and watch the hatchlings appear then feed them to watch them grow even bigger. Aqua Dragons do resemble dinosaurs which makes them even more fun for kids of all ages.

This Aqua Dragons Deep Sea Habitat with LED Light contains eggs of the Artemia Salina, the Aqua Dragons that have been living in salt water on earth since Dinosaurs walked the planet.

Artemia Salina have the special ability to not hatch unless the environment allows them to grow and thrive, and that’s the secret to their amazing longevity on earth.

Features :

  • This Aqua Dragons – Deep Sea Habitat with LED Light set includes a tank with it’s very own LED Light which illuminates your Aqua Dragons beautifully.
  • Aqua Dragons are super cool water creatures that have 3 eyes, a long tail used for moving through water, and hairy looking heads that remind people of dragons.
  • The set includes a double sided Aqua Dragons tank with LED lights, Aqua Dragon eggs, their food and an easy to use feeding spoon,an aerotor and magnifier along with a poster activity and instruction booklet.
  • Once the eggs are in water the Aqua Dragons start to hatch and you should start to see your new pre-historic pets within 3 days.


The Aqua Dragons range is the new version of classic Sea Monkeys with a pre-historic dinosaur theme which is perfect for these time travelling pets.