Ancient Egyptians



Ancient Egyptians is a book of fun facts and cool history; you can add to your children’s collection.

Read and travel back in time as you share more than 100 facts and rich history of Ancient Egypt with your kids. What did pharaohs wear? How do you make a mummy? Who built the Great Pyramids? How large is Egypt? Find answers to all these questions as you bring history back to life with an imaginative, play pretend with your children. 

The Ancient Egyptians have 50 flaps to lift and 100 historical facts that will make your kids amaze. It has excellent illustrations on every page that will excite your young readers. 


  • The Ancient Egyptians book is a fictional book made for kids.
  • It has 100 fun and historical facts your kids will learn.
  • It has 50 exciting flaps to lift, filled with eye-catching illustrations.
  • Author: Joshua George
  • Illustrator: Ed Myer
  • Publisher: Imagine That Publishing Ltd.
  • Published: 2019
  • Format: Hardback
  • Book dimension: 26.1 × 20.2 × 1.8 cm
  • Weighs: 0.55 kg
  • It is suitable for ages 5-8 years old.

Give your kids a little history tour and play pretend like a Pharoah while reading  Ancient Egyptians book.