An Illustrated History of Science Mary Cruse



An Illustrated History of Science Mary Cruse includes fun facts, timelines and character profiles that kids and adults find fascinating to read.

An Illustrated History of Science Mary Cruse presents the evolution of Science in a fun and colourful way that makes it engaging for kids. It chronicles the development of ideas and tools, presented in a way that broadens the reader’s perception of Science. Each page is filled with beautiful illustrations, timelines, and information boxes that make it an enriching and inspiring resource for the whole family.

This science reference book explores topics on weather patterns, map making, modern geology, along with 21st-century scientific discoveries in genetic engineering and sustainability projects. The author also touches issues on future breakthroughs and predictions.


  • An Illustrated History of Science: Mary Cruse is a hardbound resource bool filled to the brim with fascinating facts and an overview of the breakthrough in Science over the years.
  • Illustrations and snippets of information make this a perfect coffee table book and an educational supplement for the family.
  • Easy to understand for young readers
  • Designed for readers 12 years up
  • Dimensions: 22.5 x 28 x 2.4 cm

An Illustrated History of Science Mary Cruse is a great science resource to add to your home library.