Ambi Toys Peter Penguin



Ambi Toys Peter Penguin is a fun friend to keep your child occupied in the bathtub.

Ambi Peter Penguin flaps his wings and bobs his head when in the water, you’ll child will look forward to interacting with him! Making baths more exciting has never been this easy.

Ambi Peter Penguin is an interactive bath toy designed to make baths less troublesome and more fun. He’ll always stay afloat when you put him in the water. He does other things, too! As he stays in the tub, he’s head will nod up and down, or turn side to side. He’ll also flap his wings in delight, even when he’s carrying his yellow fish.


  • Ambi Peter Penguin is a bath toy with movable head, extendable neck, and floating arms.
  • Bright colours and robust materials are perfect for small hands.
  • Check out other innovative Ambi products such as the Magic Man and Ted-in-a-Box.
  • Suitable for kids ages 12 months up
  • Package measures 10.16 x 8.89 x 17.78 cm

Bring a bathtime friend home. Get the Ambi Toys Peter Penguin for your little one.