Ambi Toys Bird Bath Toy



The Ambi Toys’ Bird Bath Toy is a timeless piece that encourages imagination and fun at bath time.

Provide plenty of opportunities for creativity during bath time with the Ambi Toys Bird Bath Toy. Smooth materials and rounded edges make it perfect for small hands to hold and touch. The bird-shaped toy bobs and floats on water – just like a real bird!

The Ambi Toys Bird Bath Toy is designed by world-renowned toy designer Patrick Rylands. The minimalist design is attractive for both adults and kids. It is also made of durable materials free from PVC, phthalate and BPA for safe playtime.


  • Beautifully shaped fish that is smooth, tactile and comforting to hold.
  • Bright colours and simple design with only eyes for decoration make it attractive to kids and adults.
  • Design is inspired by Eskimo bone carvings in the British Museum.
  • Contains internal ballasts that keep the bird upright as it bobs and floats in water.
  • Suitable for young kids ages 3+ months
  • Dimensions: 16 x 9 x 12 cm

Make your child’s bath routine more enjoyable with the Ambi Toys Bird Bath Toy.