3D Brain Maze Cube



3D Brain Maze Cube is a fun stress relief and brain training activity enjoyable for all ages.

The 3D Brain Maze Cube takes the classic maze game up a notch by offering a three-dimensional challenge. Each side of the cube is an endless maze, making it perfect for puzzle enthusiasts. With a six-sided maze, and each side a mini-puzzle, kids and adults can choose their difficulty level. Plus, the compact size makes it a perfect toy for travel or the holidays.

Puzzles such as the 3D Brain Maze Cube is perfect for stress relief, critical thinking, learning, and hand-eye coordination. These activities are both fun and challenging.


  • 3D Maze Cube has six maze challenges (one per side) which kids can play individually or as one giant maze.
  • An easy-to-play activity where kids have to find the small ball and turn the cube to start landing the ball on the “goal”.
  • Great for keeping hands and minds busy
  • Perfect for all ages, starting with kids 3+ years

Find the perfect alternative to screens with puzzle games such as the 3D Brain Maze Cube.

Please note that the price is for one item. Each 3D Brain Maze Cube has a random colour.