3 Washable Sidewalk Chalk Unicorn Rainbow Assorted Colors



Create wild chalk designs with the help of this awesome Unicorn horn designed Sidewalk Chalk!

Kids will love creating giant outdoor artwork with Tie Dye Crayola Sidewalk Chalk in the shape of unicorn horns! Sidewalk Chalk is washable and cleans up with a garden hose or the next rainfall, and is a perfect gift for kids with a love for free-flow creativity and outdoor fun. 

Crayola is a renowned producer of a wide range of products to assist your child in expressing their artistic creativity. From crayons to textas and sweet-smelling markers, there is a Crayola product that will be perfect for your family and hours of imaginative creation.


  • Includes three tie-dye chalks fashioned in the style of a unicorn horn
  • A perfect set for summer outdoor play
  • Suitable for ages 4+

Let your young one’s mind run wild with their ideas and thoughts put down on the sidewalk with these awesome Unicorn Rainbow Chalks from Crayola!