Wahu Kess Fierce Hopper



Wahu Kess Fierce Hopper puts a colourful and super fun twist to a classic toy in a surprise green or purple colour!

Make jumping around more fun than how it sounds like with the Wahu Kess Fierce Hopper! This toy may either come in bright green or a glittery purple colour – both filled with trinkets and items inside that guarantee a fun time! Simply let your child wear the hoop around their ankle, kick to spin then watch as they beat their high score again and again.


  • Wahu Kess Fierce Hopper may come in either green or purple (each sold separately).
  • Get your child to wear the hoop around their ankle, kick to start the spinning and watch them go!
  • Each Hopper’s head comes is filled with trinkets and different items inside to make it pop even more.
  • Product Dimensions: 14cm x 14cm x 75cm
  • Suitable for kids from ages 6 years and older.
  • Please be aware that this item is selected at random and is a blind bag product. If you buy more than one of this item, there is a chance that the items you receive will be identical.

Promote an active playtime by letting your child jump around whilst having plenty of fun with the Wahu Kess Fierce Hopper!