VTech Feed Me Dino



VTech Feed Me Dino teaches whilst you play !

Learning through play is an important part of childhood, and the folks at Vtech have always created toys that are great fun and teach at the same time. The VTech Feed Me Dino is a friendly dinosaur that will interact with your child and improve their colour, shape and number knowledge.

Features :

  • The VTech Feed Me Dino is made for kids from 18 months and remains fun until 4 years old.
  • With over 130 songs and melodies, the VTech Feed Me Dino is entertaining even when played with often.
  • Kids need to feed the Dino the colourful play pieces and they will hear him say a phrase that relates to that piece, so feed him a Blueberry piece and he will say “Blueberries are Sweet”
  • VTech Feed Me Dino teaches colour, number and shape knowledge, 5 press button add to the fun by speaking about numbers, colours and shapes and the button on top of Dino’s head triggers a fun question and answer game.
  • There are 2 modes of play on the VTech Feed Me Dino and a volume switch for parents.
  • AA batteries are required.


Bring the VTech Feed Me Dino home for hours of educational play.