UNO – The Original Family Game



UNO – The Original Family Game

The original is often the best and UNO is no different. This game, the size of a deck of cards, is in fact, a deck of cards. But this is no ordinary deck of cards this is a challenge of fast thinking, colour and number matching with the player who places all their cards first being declared the winner. If you are looking for a simple yet complex challenge for young and old alike then UNO is certainly the game you are looking for.


  • Play with colours, numbers or both for young and old players alike.
  • 2 – 10 players!
  • Officially ages up to 99 years but the reality is any age 3 up can play especially teamed with a parent for younger players.

Invented in 1971 and still one of the best games for a rainy day or a fun afternoon with family.