Uno Iconic 2000’s



The Uno Iconic 2000’s honours the card game’s 50th anniversary with a tech era-themed look and vivid colours!

To honour UNO’s 50th anniversary, they came out with the computer look-themed Uno Iconic 2000s! This version of the card game brings vivid colours and fun graphics that take after the tech era with the same number of cards, same size and the same rules. Players must still beat the other players by matching all of their cards by colour or number. Just don’t forget to yell out “UNO!” when you’re down to the last card!


  • The Uno Iconic 2000’s commemorates the card game’s 50th anniversary by bringing a tech era-themed look for vivid colours and super fun graphics!
  • Still comes with the same number of cards and action cards.
  • Once a player is left with just one card, they have to yell out “UNO!”
  • Made for 2 up to 10 players.
  • Suitable for kids and adults, ages 3 years and older.

Make your family game night extra fun by bringing the Uno Iconic 2000’s for everyone to enjoy!