Uno Flip Double Sided Card Game



Uno Flip Double Sided Card Game brings an exciting new twist to the classic card game

Here’s a new take on your family’s favourite game. This Uno Flip Double Sided Card Game comes with a competitive edge that will make family bonding a lot more fun. With a double sided deck that has light and dark sides, players will be in a race to deplete their hands and slow their opponents down.

You’ll start off playing with the light side, but if someone plays a Flip card, you have to switch to playing the dark side. This is a great game to rock your Friday night family time where kids will learn to use strategies to beat the competition.

Features : 

  • ​This is a card game that has ​a double-sided deck and special FLIP card giving classic gameplay a competitive edge
  • ​Play the special FLIP card and all cards are turned over, including the draw pile, to reveal an entirely new set of numbers and colors on the opposite side
    ​UNO FLIP!
  • Also includes fun new Action cards, like Draw Five and Skip Everyone
  • When you’re down to one card, don’t forget to shout “UNO!”
  • ​Includes 112 cards and instructions
  • Perfect for families and players ages 7 and up

Let family and friends enjoy hours of card game fun with this Uno Flip Double Sided Card Game.