ThinkFun Brick by Brick Game



The ThinkFun Brick by Brick Game isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

With five bricks to build with, the ThinkFun Brick by Brick Game will challenge the player into building a symmetrical brick wall to match the image from one of the 60 included challenge cards! This game came out in 1990 and is a great spatial challenge as it is fun. With so many challenges to solve, the ThinkFun Brick by Brick Game is certainly a must-have for game nights. It’s also a great addition to playtime to further enhance your child’s logic and problem-solving skills.

Using Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths or STEM, ThinkFun helps children learn how to love and know the importance of science in a simple and engaging way by relating it to their interests, letting them follow the procedures and utilise the materials provided.


  • The ThinkFun Brick by Brick Game includes:
    • 5 Brick Pieces
    • 60 Challenge Cards (with Solutions)
    • 1 Game-Go Bag
    • Instructions
  • Arrange the included bricks to match the images in the accompanying cards.
  • Helps children learn science using the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) concept.
  • Suitable for ages 8 years and up.

Allow your child to pick their brain whilst having fun with the ThinkFun Brick by Brick Game!