The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer



The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer opens your child’s mind to classical literature

A fictional story about a young boy named Tom Sawyer. He lives with his aunt Polly in a small town of Mississippi prior to the Civil War. He has a good friend named, Huckleberry Finn.

Accompanied by his good friend Huckleberry Finn, they have one adventure after the other. From becoming a witness to a murder in the graveyard during the night to running away just to become a pirate, and searching for buried treasures in a haunted house, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn are always hungry for more escapades.

Will the next escapade of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn be an adventure or mischief?


  • The storybook helps to support the development of your child’s reading comprehension skill.
  • Parents can use the storybook to read to younger children, and it guarantees hours of quality time.
  • Guarantees hours of reading time for your kids without the use of any mobile phone, gadget or tables.
  • A good way for your kids to learn about people before the Civil War started.
  • Encourages your kids imaginative mind as they read along.
  • Helps your kid’s to develop an interest in reading literature.
  • The book was written by Mark Twain.
  • The format is paperback with 222 pages.
  • Product Dimension: 19.8 cm × 12.9 cm × 1.4 cm.
  • Suitable for kids, 8 years old onwards.

Encourage your child’s reading interest with The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer.