Sylvanian Families Country Tree School



The Sylvanian Families Country Tree School is the place to be for every young Sylvanian to learn.

Welcome to Country Tree School, the newest place of learning to open in the Sylvanian Village! Everyone who wants to learn is always welcome. The Country Tree School has lots of gorgeous features to education your young Sylvanians.

Sylvanian Families has been creating a unique and adorable range of distinctive animal characters since 1985. Each figure is created from high-quality and non-toxic materials. Each figurine has its own story and can be complemented with a range of accessories (each sold separately), collect them all and play out your own original Sylvanian Family stories.

Features :

  • The lovely collection includes:
    • 1 School.
    • 1 Tree.
    • 2 Desks.
    • 6 Chairs.
    • 1 Teacher’s desk.
    • 1 Whiteboard.
    • 1 Bench.
    • Assorted accessories.
  • The main classroom downstairs features a blackboard while upstairs there is a whiteboard for smaller classes to be taken, along with a telescope for astronomy lessons at dusk.
  • The school can be arranged in many different ways so your students remain interested in their school work.
  • Connectable with the Forest Nursery which can be stacked on top of the Country Tree school to make a much bigger school to accommodate more Sylvanian students (sold separately).
  • Figures are not included in this set and can be purchased separately.
  • Encourage imaginative role-playing that can help further develop your kid’s creative thinking.
  • The collection is crafted by hand using high-quality and non-toxic materials.
  • Guarantees hours of playtime for your kids without the use of gadgets, mobile phones or tablets.
  • The figures are not included (sold separately).
  • Package Dimensions: 38cm x 21.5cm x 33cm.
  • This collection is suitable for your kids aged 3 and above.

Expand your kid’s collection with the Sylvanian Families Country Tree School that can teach them the value of learning.