Sylvanian Families Cello Concert Set



Your child’s Sylvanian Families are in for a musical treat with this Cello Concert Set.

Musicals and concerts are staples in the Sylvanian Families community. It’s time to give them a great time with this figure and accessory set that features Silk cat girl and her cello. Silk cat has special hands that allow her to hold the cello and bow in different positions. Fashionably clothed in a purple satin dress with ribbons and an elegant necklace, she is ready to give a special treat to her audience.

This Sylvanian Families kit is great for playing on its own or combined with other musical themes such as the Grand Piano Concert Set or the Violin Concert Set (both sold separately) for an exciting trio recital. Also included in this kit is a score, stool and music stand. Expand your child’s Sylvanian Families playset with other figures, furniture and shops from the Towns series for double the fun.


  • Sylvanian Families Cello Concert Set is a 6-piece set that includes:
    • Silk Cat girl named Tiffany
    • cello
    • bow
    • stool
    • score
    • music stand
  • High-quality plastic materials with careful attention to detail
  • Great for stimulating your child’s imagination through roleplay
  • Recommended for kids above 3 years old
  • Expand the set with the Sylvanian Families Town Series (sold separately)
  • Dimensions (Package): 1.3 x 4.3 x 7.5 cm

Get your kids ready for a musical night as Tifanny prepares for her recital. Add the Sylvanian Families Cello Concert Set to your child’s collection today.