Stinky Pig Game



Stinky Pig Game is all about farts

Kids love farts, the sound the potential smell it all makes them giggle and the Stinky Pig Game is perfect for those times when farts are where it’s at. The Stinky Pig Game doesn’t actually smell, but the sounds this little Stinky Pig makes would make you think the stink is just around the corner.


  • This is a game of chance, you need to avoid holding that Stinky Pig because if you have him in your hands when he toots you have to collect a token.
  • Throw the dice to see which way you need to pass the Stinky Pig then quickly hand him off to the next player, the player with the fewest tokens wins the game.
  • The Stinky Pig Game is great fun for kids and adults, with no special skills required.

 Pass that Stinky Pig before he farts so you can win the Stinky Pig Game.