StarModel Lovely Make-up Set



StarModel Lovely Make-up Set is a gorgeous kids makeup kit for hours of fun dress ups

Star Model kids makeup kits are gentle on skin and offer a huge selection of colours and make up types in each super cute kit.

Kids love dressing up in all sorts of outfits just for fun or when they go out to a party, this cute and affordable StarModel Lovely Make-up Set can be used by children as young 3 years old and makes for a fun introduction into the world of makeup.

The colours and formulations in each StarModel kids makeup set are gentle on skin and are easy to remove once it’s time for bed.

Features :

  • Presented in a super cute heart shaped compact this set includes :
    • a center heart mirror in which kids can apply and re-apply their makeup
    • double ended applicator
    • 2 mini lip balms, one in Pink and one in Blue
    • 4 eyeshadow colours which kids can blend
    • 2 lip or cheek colours with silver for that extra bit of bling
  • Kids will love to carry around this cute compact and re-applying their make up just like Mum.

Perfect for parties, dress ups or just for fun the StarModel Lovely Make-up Set will put a smile and little bit of colour on your little ones face.