Stack N Play Activity Blocks



Stack N Play Activity Blocks are educational blocks for babies from 3 months old

Stacking is an important developmental milestone for babies, requiring gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination. These colourful Stack N Play Activity Blocks stack neatly on top of each other in any combination and have loads of sensory activities on each block.

Features :

  • Each block is made of colourful high-quality hard plastic, with an animal on top. A cat, dog and mouse are feature on top of the blocks.
  • Sensory activities such as :
    • opening and closing door
    • mirror
    • clicking bone
    • textured sides
    • spinning wheel
    • and more
  • Safe for mouthing and discovering different textures these stacking blocks are a terrific activity toy for your baby.

Let your child discover the fun activities and textures on the Stack N Play Activity Blocks