SpiceBox Easy-to-make Sock Puppets



Make the most out of used pairs of socks in this SpiceBox book that teaches kids Easy-to-make Sock Puppets and Lots of Crazy Quirky Puppets.

Fashion sock puppets with your children and indulge in a fun storytelling activity. Easily create silly sock pockets as this kit includes everything you need for storytelling fun, including clear instructions, colourful socks, and art materials to customize your child’s very own sock character.

The Easy-to-make Sock Puppets: Lots of Crazy, Quirky Puppets to Make! is filled with loads of exciting designs to make new puppets or transform boring socks into fun characters. Put on your thinking hats, bring on lots of creativity and enjoy a day crafting characters out of old clothes and socks.


  • This sock puppets kit include:
    • an instruction book
    • 3 assorted socks
    • 3 cardboard disks
    • 2 skeins of craft yarn
    • 3 felt squares
    • 4 EVA foam squares
    • 12 googly eyes
    • 12 pipe cleaners in assorted colours
    • 8 pom-poms in assorted colours and sizes
    • 15 gemstones in assorted colours and sizes
    • 1 white glue
  • Full of clever tricks and ideas to transform boring socks into colourful characters
  • Encourages imagination and storytelling
  • Dimensions: 28 × 21 × 9 cm
  • Ideal for kids 8 years old and up

Set the stage and retell your child’s favourite stories with the Easy-to-make Sock Puppets : Lots of Crazy, Quirky Puppets to Make!