Smartivity Blast Off Space Rocket



Smartivity Blast Off Space Rocket helps budding astronauts understand the inner workings of a spacecraft.

Let your child’s imagination soar as he or she learns about the principles of gravity, elasticity, propulsion, and thrust with this construction toy. The Smartivity Blast Off Space Rocket is a DIY activity set that helps kids understand key STEAM concepts through play. This set allows kids to build their own rocket and rocket launcher using high-quality non-toxic engineered wood.

The rocket is easy to assemble, disassemble and reassemble with no glue or tools required. Once completed, kids can experiment with their rockets by changing the weight of their creation and the elasticity of the launch plate. By continuous experimentation, young scientists can discover fundamental concepts about the world around them.


  • Smartivity Blast Off Space Rocket includes an easy-to-understand instruction book with pictures, along with all parts necessary to assemble the rocket and launcher.
  • Rocket and parts are made of sustainable pine wood with no splinters to harm your child’s hands.
  • Elastic bands joinery means there are no tools needed for a mess-free workspace.
  • This activity set applies STEAM concepts based on real moving parts and mechanical actions.
  • Kids can discover important concepts in elasticity, momentum transfer and gravity.
  • It’s a perfect gift for curious boys and girls ages 6 years and above.
  • Kit Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 12 cm

Take your child’s learning to new heights with a spacecraft they can build on their own. Purchase the Smartivity Blast Off Space Rocket today.