Siku Sports Aircraft Toy



Siku Sports Aircraft features a die-cast metal aeroplane with foldable wings, a moving propeller, and customisable stickers.

There’s something glorious about being in an aeroplane as it soars high above the sky. Let your kids imagine themselves floating above the clouds as they take control of the Siku Sports Aircraft.

The Siku Sports Aircraft helps with children’s visual tracking and fine motor skills as they mimic the plane’s flight. This role-playing activity dramatically helps in their observation ability and sense of direction as they learn how objects in the world work.


  • The Siku Sports Aircraft comes with:
  • Foldable aircraft wings for easy transport
  • Movable propeller
  • Customisable with stickers
  • Sturdy die-cast construction with plastic parts
  • Great for imaginative play, decor, and collection
  • Product Dimensions (Approx.): 8 cm x 9 cm x 2.6 cm
  • Ideal for your little plane enthusiast 3+ years

Get ready for jaw-dropping flying stunts with the Siku Sports Aircraft.