Schleich Wild Life Koala Toy Figure



The Schleich Wild Life Koala Toy Figure will climb its way into your animal figurine collection!

Taking after its real-life counterpart, this Schleich Wild Life Koala Toy Figure poses sleepily to show off its adorable physique. Koalas spend most of their days with considerable amounts of naps. The rest of their day is spent eating eucalyptus leaves. They’re quite picky when it comes to their leaves and will only choose 12 out of the 300 eucalyptus species, but this doesn’t deter them from feasting on their favourite because their eucalyptus consumption amounts to about one kilogram a day!

With a big appetite for eucalyptus leaves and naps, this Schleich Wild Life Koala Toy Figure will make an adorable new addition to your animal figurine collection!


  • The Schleich Wild Life Koala Toy Figure is hand-painted with amazing details and is made from durable plastic.
  • Non-articulated figurine.
  • Perfect for figurine displays, collections and pretend play.
  • Collect other Schleich figures and accessories to have your very own animal figurine collection for extended fun (each sold separately).
  • Product Dimensions: 5cm x 3.5cm x 4.2cm
  • Suitable for 3 years and up.

Add one of the world’s most adorable animals that only eats eucalyptus leaves to your animal figurine collection with the Schleich Wild Life Koala Toy Figure.