Schleich Horse Club English Thoroughbred Mare Toy Figure



The Schleich Horse Club English Thoroughbred Mare Toy Figure is galloping its way to your fun equestrian collection!

Inspired by its real-life counterpart, the English Thoroughbreds were originated from three famous foundation stallions: The Darley Arabian, Byerley Turk & Godolphin Barb – to develop the great racehorse. This breed also excels in dressage and show jumping. Some even use these magnificent horses as their trail partners!

The English Thoroughbred Mare’s pregnancy period is generally 11 months but may also change depending on the local climate or their diet. Most of the Thoroughbreds all share the same birthday, January 1st.


  • The Schleich Horse Club English Thoroughbred Mare Toy Figure is lovingly hand-painted and extremely lifelike
  • Perfect for display and collection while promoting imaginative play

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  • Collect other Schleich horse breeds and accessories for extended fun (each sold separately).
  • Product Dimensions: 5.39 x 1.42 x 4.49 inch
  • Suitable for 3 years and up

Known for their Royal origins, this Schleich Horse Club English Thoroughbred Mare Toy Figure will surely bring its royalty-vibe in your collection.