Ravensburger Rockefeller Christmas 500-Piece Puzzle



Ravensburger Rockefeller Christmas 500-Piece Puzzle invites your children to a magical holiday in New York!

Holidays and celebrating Christmas is all about the season of giving. Children love to receive presents and celebrate with Christmas trees, good food, and friends and families. Let your child feel the Christmas season the way New Yorkers celebrate theirs in Rockefeller Center Christmas as they complete this 500-puzzle piece that will show Christmas the Rockefeller way.

Assist your children in assembling this Christmas-themed puzzle activity to witness the colourful and famous Rockefeller Christmas Tree, Christmas lights, people watching and skating on the ice skating rinks, and other buildings surrounding the city.

Enjoy assembling this puzzle activity that offers a high-quality 500-piece puzzle and well-crafted illustrations that will take them to the concrete jungle where dreams are built and achieved. 


  • Ravensburger Rockefeller Christmas 500-Piece Puzzle includes:
    • Strong premium grade cardboard
    • Linen finish print to minimise glare on puzzle image
    • 500-pieces
  • Use their eyes and hands to fit the puzzle pieces together.
  • Product dimensions: 34cm x 23cm x 4cm
  • Finished puzzle: 49cm x 36cm
  • Recommended age: Children ages 10 years old and up

Build stronger connections with your children as you help them assemble the puzzle pieces in this Ravensburger Rockefeller Christmas 500-Piece Puzzle.