Pop It Fidget Toy SuperSized Rainbow Duck



While it does not quack, the Pop It SuperSized Rainbow Duck Fidget Toy makes popping sounds when its bubbles are pressed.

Who doesn’t like ducks? Even more, the Pop It Fidget Toy SuperSized Rainbow Duck has 10 rows of bubbles to take the excitement to the next level. While it may look like a giant waffle, this sensory toy has lots of bubbles that make loud popping sounds when pressed. Once complete, simply flip it and then start over.

The Pop It Fidget Toy is made of washable and reusable silicone. The soft and tactile material provides a good sensory activity while offering relief from stress. Get this Supersized bubble popping toy for your ASMR and fidget toy fan!


  • This colourful and adorable version of the Pop It Toy is shaped like a duck and has 10 rows of soft bubbles.
  • Each Pop It comes with bubbles that kids can push in or “POP” until they get to the last one and flip so they can start all over again.
  • Also available in other designs and colours (each sold separately).
  • Girls and boys can play it anywhere. It is engaging for all ages.
  • Perfect gift for ASMR and fidget toy fans!
  • Suitable for kids, ages 3 years and older.

Give kids a better mood with the Pop It Fidget Toy SuperSized Rainbow Duck.