Playskool Mrs Potato Head



Playskool Mrs Potato Head is a classic toy sure to entertain kids

OK so we have a confession to make, Mrs Potato Head is one of our favourite’s, and this classic version tops our list of awesome toys for kids. Mrs Potato Head is a super fun toy, not only can she change her face to suit your child’s mood she also develops creativity, fosters the imagination and develops fine motor skills. There’s no need to limit yourself to putting her ears on her head, try her with her ears as arms and her legs as his ears – now that’s going to get some giggles from your child. Mrs Potato Head is the wife of Mr Potato Head and is perfect as a toy for girls with her pretty features and pink colour scheme.

Features :

  • Mrs Potato Head has a Mrs Potato Head, eyes, nose, mouth, purse, hairdo, tongue, 2 hands, 2 ears and 1 pair of legs with shoes.
  • Store all of her parts in her Tater Tush so they don’t get lost.
  • Mrs Potato Head is pretty versatile, she can see out of her ears if you pop them into hereye holes and there’s really no limit to the silly faces you can make with Mrs Potato Head.
  • Encouraging fine motor skills, creativity and social and emotional development Mrs Potato Head is a fun toy for kids of all ages.
  • Mr Potato Head is also available for awesome swapping fun.


The Playskool Mrs Potato Head is great value and a classic toy that has stood the test of time.