Play Doh Party Bag – 15 Tubs



Play Doh Party Bag – 15 Tubs lets kids create amazing doughy creations

Pop these cute Play Doh Party cans into your party loot bags or bring them out during the party and watch the kids flock to the modelling dough to create all sorts of amazing doughy creations.

Features :

  • This Play Doh Party Bag – 15 Tubs includes 15 x 28 gram tubs of original Play Doh compound. Each tub reseals to keep the dough fresh.
  • The bag includes a mixture of 10 colours of original Play Doh.
  • 15 fun stickers are included in this pack which fit the top of each can perfectly to make each can look like a party favour.


This Play Doh Party Bag – 15 Tubs set will have your kids playing for hours.