Phlat Ball Junior



Phlat Ball Junior is a throwing disc and ball in one

The Phlat Ball Junior has is an awesome toy that lets you throw a disc and catch a call and watch the whole Phlat Ball transform in mid-air.  Awesome fun for younger kids, older children would enjoy the Phlat Ball V3.

Features :

  • The Phlat Ball Junior has been designed to pop from a flying disc into a ball at random times including whilst it’s flying through the air, you have to be quick to catch it as it flies fast.
  • The Phlat Ball Junior set has a set of included games you can play with your friends making the Phlat Ball experience even more fun.
  • Suitable for kids, 6 years old onwards.

The Phlat Ball is a terrific variation on a classic catch and throws the game, and the improved design means it pops from disc to ball quickly and easily.

Please note colours are chosen at random from the colours pictured.