Phase 10 Card Game



Phase 10 Card Game is a wickedly fun rummy-type game with 108 cards and a super-fun twist made for the whole family!

The original is often the best and Phase 10 is no different. This game, from the makers of UNO is great fun for the whole family.

Each Phase that must be completed is different per dealt hand. All of the players who get to complete one Phase move on to the next whilst those who didn’t get to complete the Phase need to keep trying until they do. All of the decks include “Wild” and “Skip” cards to add more fun and will help players get out of a challenge. The “Wild” card can be used as a substitute to a number card or can be used as any colour to help complete a Phase whilst the “Skip” card lets the lucky player choose an unfortunate opponent to lose their turn. The player who gets to complete all ten Phases win the game!


  • This Phase 10 Card Game comes with 108 cards including “Wild” and “Skip” cards to add to the excitement!
  • The aim of this game is to complete 10 phases with different runs of cards to in.
  • Made for 2 up to 10 players.
  • Officially ages up to 99 years but the reality is any age 3 up can play especially teamed with a parent for younger players.

Invented in 1971 and still one of the best games for a rainy day or a fun afternoon with family.