Peanut Popper Sensory Fidget Toy



The Peanut Popper is a sensory fidget toy with two cute pods popping out each time kids squeeze the shell.

Fight boredom with this adorable sensory fidget toy. The Peanut Popper comes with two pods that peek out when given a squeeze. These pods have cute expressions that make them charming companions when kids are bored, stressed or need to concentrate on their studies.

The fidget peanuts are perfect for youngsters who love sensory toys. It is portable and can be attached to backpacks or placed in pockets for an engaging hands-on activity anywhere. This small toy is perfect as party favours or gifts for kids ages 5 years and up.


  • This sensory fidget toy is shaped like a peanut with two pods popping out when kids press the shell.
  • Squeeze-a-peanut activity is excellent for improving focus, fighting boredom and exercising small hands.
  • Made with PVC that is tear-resistant, soft and tactile
  • Peanuts fidget toy is a funny conversation starter.
  • Works as a toy and a keychain
  • Dimensions: 10 cm x 8 cm x 2.5 cm
  • Great gift for boys and girls ages 5 years and up

The Peanut Popper cute and funny sensory fidget toy that entertains both kids and adults.