Paw Patrol Hopper Ball



Paw Patrol Hopper Ball lets you bounce into your very own Paw Patrol adventures

The Paw Patrol Hopper Ball gives the young Paw Patrol fans in your family the chance to make their Paw Patrol play away from the indoors and move it outdoors to invent their very own Paw Patrol adventures. Up and Down the hallways, around the grass in the yard, or wherever else it is safe to do so.

Bouncing is so much fun, bouncing is even more fun with your favorite Paw Patrol characters.

Features :

  • Made from tough heavy gauge vinyl with sturdy grip handles this Paw Patrol Ball can take a lot of bouncing.
  • The Hopper Ball includes a blue hopper ball with Paw PAtrol images, a spare plug, an inflation adaptor, and an instruction sheet.
  • The ball can be inflated and deflated easily (a pump makes the inflation process much easier) and can be stored deflated.
  • No latex is used in the manufacturing process
  • Hopper Ball measures approximately 40cm
  • Suitable for children age 3 and up
A hopper ball is without a doubt one of the childhood essential toys, don’t miss the chance to bounce with Paw Patrol
Fun Fact: The Hopper Ball has been a part of toy chests since first being introduced in 1968 in Europe and was known as a Pon Pon