Monster Jam 1:64 Car Wash Playset



Monster Jam Car Wash Playset is over 3 feet long and includes a colour-changing Megalodon monster truck.

Monster Jam Car Wash Playset is an exciting way to get your child’s monster truck from “dirty” to clean. This amazing playset is over 3 feet (91.44 cm) long and compatible with your child’s Monster Jam trucks. It even includes a 1:64 scale Megalodon Monster Truck for fun right out of the box.

Kids can start by rolling Megalodon up the ramp and then into the power wash where they will spin the toy vehicle into a spectacular washing cycle. The colour-changing Megalodon will transform from dirty to clean in seconds. Then, it goes into scrubbing brushes and a spin dryer. Afterwards, kids can choose whether to exit on the ramp to show off the vehicle’s beautiful decos or dive into the Dirt Donut Bowl to get dirty again.


  • Monster Jam Car Wash Playset includes:
    • 1 x 1:64 die-cast Megalodon Toy Truck
    • 1 x On-Ramp
    • 1 x Warm Water Tank
    • 2 x Large Supports
    • 1 x Conveyor Belt
    • 4 x Beams
    • 1 x Brush Unit
    • 2 x Brushes
    • 1 x Sign
    • 1 x Cold Water Tray
    • 1 x Spinning Dryer
    • 1 x Stop Light
    • 1 x Acetate Wall
    • 1 x Small Support
    • 1 x Down Ramp
    • 1 x Sticker Sheet
    • 1 x Instruction Sheet
  • Toy car wash is over 3 feet or .9 meters long with spinning brushes and drying action
  • Megalodon changes colour and becomes “clean” in warm water and “dirty” in cold water. Use warm water in the Power Wash and Cold Water in the Dirt Donut Bowl.
  • Compatible with other colour-changing Monster Jam Dirt to Clean toy trucks, including Earth-Shaker, Grave Digger, Blue Thunder, and Pirate’s Curse (sold separately)
  • Great gift for kids who love monster trucks, race car toys, and water play
  • Recommended for kids aged 3 years and older.

Immerse kids in imaginary vehicles play with the Monster Jam Car Wash Playset.