LOL Surprise Charm Fizz Ball



LOL Surprise Charm Fizz Ball will fizz in water to reveal your LOL Surprise

LOL Surprise Collectible Dolls are super fun, combining the fun of not knowing who is hiding inside your LOL Surprise Ball. The newest addition to the LOL Surprise range is the LOL Surprise Fizz Ball, with an outer fizzy ball which when dropped in water fizzes and reveals your surprise.

Features :

  • Receive your very special LOL Surprise Charm Fizz Ball and once your ready start by pulling the tab which will split the top packaging layer, but don’t do it too fast as there’s something in there for you!
  • Drop your LOL Surprise Charm Fizz Ball into water, you can have a bath with the LOL Surprise Charm Fizz Ball for some extra fun.
  • There are 3 surprise inside which will be revealed at the end of the fizz :
    • A ring tattoo for you to display on your finger (don’t worry Mums and Dads it’s not permanent)
    • A surprise collectible accessory, it could be teap cup or a hamburger to use with your LOL Surprise Dolls and Lil Sisters Dolls.
    • A decal sticker to personalise your surprise accessory.
    • The accessory comes with a keychain.
  • The LOL Surprise Charm Fizz Ball is a fun way to extend your LOL Surprise collection.

 Extend your LOL Surprise collection with the super fun LOL Surprise Charm Fizz Ball.