Little Artists Blow Pen Art Dinosaurs



Little Artists Blow Pen Art Dinosaurs makes ferocious art using two blow pens and stencils.

Prepare kids for an artsy and cool adventure. Blowing on the pens create all sorts of creative art. Children can use the included stencils to make prehistoric creatures or make their own! This set comes with orange and green blow pens.

Little Artists Blow Pen Art Dinosaurs is perfect for travel and keeping kids busy. Use it before breakfast, while visiting grandma, or even for a quiet afternoon. It’s the perfect activity book for primary learners aged 4 years and older.


  • Set includes:
    • 6 stencil cards
    • 6 plain cards to blow onto
    • 20 activity pages
  • Flat back folder
  • Blow pen art book has lots of colouring and drawing pages
  • Plenty of activities and games
  • Little Artist Books are available in Wild Animals, The Pirates Hidden Treasure, Mermaid Surprise, Unicorns, and Dinosaurs
  • Dimensions: 27 x 23 x 2.4 cm
  • Suitable for 4 years old and onwards

Making their own dinosaur art is fun with the Little Artists Blow Pen Art Dinosaurs.