Light Up Dive Sticks Dive Toy



Light Up Dive Sticks Dive Toy is great for playing in the pool and practising diving

Classic dive games are terrific for practicing diving and playing with friends in the pool to see who can get the fish first. The Light Up Dive Sticks Dive Toy has an awesome LED Light Up feature which turns on when the dive sticks hit the water and starts diving to the bottom. great fun for diving in low light or just for fun.

Features :

  • TheLight Up Dive Sticks Dive Toy is a fun toy which turns on when it senses it has hit the water, kids are challenged to catch the dive sticks before they dive too deep.
  • The LED feature is great fun lighting up the water as the sticks dive deeper, includes sealed batteries which are not replaceable.
  • The set includes 4 multi coloured dive sticks all with LED lights, and different shapes so kids can play in teams or on their own.


A simple yet fun game which will see your kids diving to the bottom of the pool and coming up with a smile on their face having caught the Light Up Dive Sticks Dive Toy.