Let’s Go Fishing Game



Let’s Go Fishing Game is a classic fishing game

This classic Let’s Go Fishing Game challenges kids and adults alike to see who can catch the most of the 21 snapping fish? Do you think you can be the angler with the most fish caught at the end of the game? This game is won through skill and a little bit of luck, so challenge up to 4 of your friends or family to a game to see who is the champion fisher.

Features :

  • The Let’s Go Fishing Game is a high-quality fishing game with 21 multicolored fish that open and close their mouths, your challenge is to catch them with your magnetic rod when their mouth is open.
  • Up to 4 players can play this game at a time, or you can play on your own, after all, they say practice makes perfect.
  • When you catch a fish, pull them out and get the next one, once all the fish are gone the game is over.
  • This Let’s Go Fishing Game is a fast-paced game of pure fun, so get your family and friends together for a Let’s Go Fishing Game.
  • Let’s Go Fishing Game is suitable for 1 to 4 players from the age of 4 years and includes a game board, 21 snapping fish, and 4 fishing rods.

Get those smiles on those dials with this fast-paced, super fun Let’s Go Fishing Game.