LEGO Duplo Wrecking Ball Demolition 10932



LEGO Duplo Wrecking Ball Demolition lets your toddler create their very own construction site

Allow your little constructor to imagine and create their very first LEGO masterpiece with the LEGO Duplo Wrecking Ball Demolition! With a total of 56 easy-to-grasp bricks and pieces to create a construction site including 3 LEGO construction worker figures, a bird figure, an adjustable crane that can be moved up and down, a tipping truck, a bulldozer with a cabin for a figure and heavy-duty tracks, a small house, a shovel, boulders and signs plus easy-to-follow instructions, this LEGO Duplo set is sure to give your little constructor a creative toy to play with independently or share with their friends as they get to work. Your little one can even choose to mix some of the other LEGO Duplo sets (each sold separately) to create more models as they continue to be inspired by everyday objects that they recognise and love. 

LEGO Duplo playsets are designed to urge children into having an open-ended play because anything is possible, making the LEGO Duplo Wrecking Ball Demolition one of the best toys to add to your child’s playtime.


  • LEGO Duplo Wrecking Ball Demolition comes with 56 bricks and pieces made for little hands including 3 LEGO Duplo construction worker figures, boulders, construction signs, a shovel, an adjustable crane, a dump truck, a bulldozer with tracks and a small house.
  • Your child can place all of the accessories together to create a construction site scene.
  • Can be mixed with other LEGO Duplo playsets for more creations (each sold separately).
  • Promotes the use of creative imagination, self-expression and open-ended play.
  • The crane measures approximately 28cm high, 10cm long and 12cm wide.
  • Suitable for children from 2 years and older.

Support your little one’s budding interest for construction toys by allowing them to play with the LEGO Duplo Wrecking Ball Demolition!