LEGO DUPLO Barn Tractor and Farm Animal Care 10952



LEGO DUPLO Barn Tractor and Farm Animal Care is a 97-piece playset that lets preschoolers build a barn with a tractor and heaps of animal figures to play with!

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Get your little farmer to build one of their very first LEGO creations with the LEGO DUPLO Barn Tractor and Farm Animal Care! With a total of 97 easy-to-grasp bricks and pieces to create farm buildings as their playset’s barn. It also comes with a tractor as well as animals including a sheep, a pig, a dog, a horse, a rooster, a hen and cows to take care of every day – plus easy-to-follow instructions, this LEGO DUPLO set will totally give your little constructor a creative playset to play with independently or share with their friends as they get to work. Your little one can even choose to mix some of the other LEGO DUPLO sets (each sold separately) to build more models as they continue to be motivated by everyday objects that they recognize and love. 

LEGO DUPLO playsets are designed to encourage children into having an open-ended playtime because anything is possible, making the LEGO DUPLO Barn Tractor and Farm Animal Care one of the most wonderful toys that you can add to your child’s farm-themed playtime.


  • LEGO DUPLO Barn Tractor and Farm Animal Care come with a total of 97 bricks and pieces made for little hands to play and build with including a tractor, animals including a horse, a pig, a sheep, a rooster, a dog, a hen, 2 cows, 4 LEGO DUPLO figures, a buildable barn, realistically-textured hay bale plus more accessories.
  • Your child can build the barn then use the included figures and accessories to play out everyday life at the farm!
  • Can be mixed with other LEGO Duplo playsets for more creations (each sold separately).
  • Promotes the use of creative imagination, self-expression and open-ended play.
  • When built, the LEGO DUPLO Barn Tractor and Farm Animal Care’s barn measures around 23cm in height, 20cm in width and 11cm in depth.
  • Suitable for children, ages 2 years and older.

Make farm-themed playtime extra fun when you let your child add the LEGO DUPLO Barn Tractor and Farm Animal Care to their creative playtime fun!