LEGO City Fire Brigade 60321



LEGO City Fire Brigade is a feature-packed set that inspires firefighting stories and creative play.

Fire up children’s imagination as they build and play with the LEGO City Fire Brigade 60321. This 766-piece set features firefighting vehicles, a sardine factory fire setting, 5 mini-figures and 3 animal figures.

This modular brick building set offers plenty of elements to keep kids engaged in creative play. The Sardine Factory Fire comes with fold-back flams, and a fire trailer has a cool splat launcher. There are also exciting accessories and other elements to immerse kids in storytelling.


  • This 766-piece building set includes:
    • Toy fire truck
    • Trailer
    • Motorbike
    • Fire pickup
    • Sardine factory fire setting
    • 7 mini character figures
    • Cat and 2 kitten figures
    • Accessories such as broom, life net, fire axe, shovel and fire extinguisher
  • Fun functions such as water elements, backdraft function in the cargo container and spilled secret sauce elements from the factory vat
  • Includes printed and digital building guides for kids to visualize completed models.
  • Sardine factory measures over 30 cm high x 34 cm wide x 32 cm deep
  • Suitable for kids aged 7 years and older

Give your little LEGO City Adventure TV fan a break from screens with hands-on play using this brick building set.