Legacy Classics Mahjong



The Legacy Classics Mahjong features 150 tiles, 3 dice, and a wind indicator encased in beautiful mahogany that keeps tiles in place.

Bring in the challenge as kids tackle the 19th-century tile game, Mahjong. The Legacy Classics Mahjong invites kids to this timeless game of skill and luck as they learn its complex gameplay.

Organize a Mahjong party for the whole family with the Legacy Classics Mahjong. The Legacy Classics Mahjong comes with bright and colourful tiles that will last even after years of use.


  • The Classic Games Mahjong includes durable mahjong tiles, 3 sets of dice, 4 racks, and a wind indicator.
  • Encased in beautiful mahogany that doubles as a great display piece
  • Easy to learn gameplay
  • Accommodates 2-4 players
  • Develops kids’ analytical and social skills
  • Ideal for classic game lovers ages 8+ years

Boost kids’ numerical skills as they work on their luck with the Legacy Classics Mahjong.