LeapFrog Rainbow Lights Ladybug



LeapFrog Rainbow Lights Ladybug is an interactive toy that teaches whilst they play.

The LeapFrog Rainbow Lights Ladybug is a gorgeous electronic toy that engages children in interactive play through a host of fun lights and sounds, phrases, and surprises. This is certainly no ordinary toy and true to form the folks at LeapFrog have a built a high-quality learning toy based on a classic play pattern that kids love.

Features :

  • LeapFrog Rainbow Lights Ladybug has an antenna for a musical light show
  • The antenna teaches colors red, yellow, green, and blue when pushed.
  • Teaches your¬†child to build motor skills by pushing the Ladybug backward and forwards
  • Ladybug’s letter song teaches all about the 26 letters of the alphabet combined with fun sounds
  • Enhances your child’s imagination by pretending Ladybug is a red fire truck, blue ocean, or yellow spaceship.
  • suitable for children 6months onward.

LeapFrog Rainbow Lights Ladybug is a super fun learning toy that will encourage learning whilst being super entertaining.