Laser Tag Shooting Game Set – Red



Laser Tag Shooting Game Set is a fun shooting game with lights and sounds

Shooting games have always been a favourite with kids, and this laser tag game involves no projectiles just a chest worn target which when “hit” with the laser activates light and vibrates to let the player know they have been hit.

With loads of lights, sounds kids will love running around the backyard playing this game of Laser Tag.

Features :

  • This set includes a chest target which is attached using two velcro straps and fits all kids.
  • A gun with laser light which activates the chest target when the light hits the light sensors. Safe for kids.
  • The set comes with a red gun and blue chest shield, also available in blue gun and red chest shield for team play.
  • Both the shield and gun require batteries which are included, you will need 3 x AAA batteries for the shield and 4 X AA batteries for the laser gun.

The Laser Tag Shooting Game Set – Red is a favourite with Toy Universe staff and will provide hours of fun for kids from 8 years of age.