Land of Stories #6 Worlds Collide



Land of Stories #6 Worlds Collide combines fairytales with a modern twist to engage young readers.

Land of Stories #6 Worlds Collide is the most anticipated conclusion of the series. In this book, readers join Conner and Alex as both heroes and villains in fairy tale land arrive in the Big Apple. The two must fight to win this significant battle and restore order between the human and fairy tale world.

With lots of funny and heartwarming moments, the Land of Stories #6 Worlds Collide is a gripping conclusion for fans of the series. It is a delightful read and will make a fine addition to your child’s library.


  • The conclusion to the New York Times bestselling Land of Stories Series.
  • Other books from the series include:
    • The Wishing Spell
    • The Enchantress Returns
    • A Grimm Warning
    • Beyond the Kingdoms
    • An Author’s Odyssey
  • Written by Chris Colfer, American author, actor and singer
  • Hardback format
  • Dimensions: 3.8 x 20 x 14 cm
  • Suitable for kids ages 8+ years

Expand your child’s imagination with stories beyond this world inside Land of Stories #6 Worlds Collide.