Kindy Early Learning Educational Placemats 4 Pack



Kindy Early Learning Educational Placemats 4 Pack features fun learning while having a meal.

This contains four fun-filled placemats and each one has its own theme. The Colours placemat features six colours and each one has fun items to represent it such as a red train and a blue whale. The Shapes placemat will help your child become more familiar with shapes such as a round cookie and a rectangle cookie. The Animal Alphabet placemat is great! It not only teaches them A-Z, but each letter is also represented by an animal starting with A for alligator and ending with Z for Zebra. The final placemat is about First Words, apple, dog, tree, and more are here with fun pictures too.

While it is awesome that children will be learning as they are chowing down at mealtimes. These placemats are made with kids in mind. They are very durable so they will last a long time and best of all, no matter how big a mess the kids make on these, they are very easy to clean and can be wiped and ready for next time in mere seconds.


  • Children can learn the alphabet with the help of animals
  • They can learn about shapes and colours
  • One of the mats has some easy to learn first words
  • A great way to keep the mess off the floor and table
  • These can be wiped clean with a wet cloth
  • Dimensions: 1.5 x 42.5 x 30 cm
  • Suitable for ages 3 years old onwards

Help your child learn new things in a fun, safe, and clean way with Kindy Early Learning Educational Placemats 4 Pack.