Kid Made Modern Enchanting Craft Kit



Kid Made Modern Enchanting Craft Kit is a 250-piece art and crafts activity set for girls who love to create magical creatures.

Spark creativity in kids with this whimsical arts and crafts kit that encourages them to make anything from fairies to witches and dragons. The DIY set has over 250 pieces that encourage children to make their own magical adventures.

Kids Made Modern produces mum-made products that are safe and fun for kids. Their products aim to celebrate every child’s limitless creativity. The Kid Made Modern Enchanting Craft Kit is a perfect gift for kids who buried treasures, fairy tales and storybook characters.


  • This set comes with more than 250 crafting tools, including:
    • 8 felt pieces
    • 54 pom pots
    • 9 half pom pots
    • 55 sequins
    • 28 fuzzy sticks
    • 16 flocked beads
    • 24 googly eyes
    • 20 rhinestones
    • 8 craft sticks
    • 12 paper tubes
    • 2 cords (275 cm)
    • Rainbow glitter
    • 40 glue dots
  • This kit is created with your child’s safety and fun in mind.
  • Enchanting arts and crafts kit is excellent for parties, rainy weather or as an alternative to screen time.
  • Dimensions: 19.7 cm x 5.7 cm x 14.3 cm
  • Ideal for kids ages 6+ years

Discover the many magical things children can make with their Kid Made Modern Enchanting Craft Kit.