Keezi Kids Sand and Water Table Play Set with Umbrella



Keezi Kids Sand and Water Table Play Set with Umbrella is a perfect seasonal gift for your kids this summer.

Unlike others, our 26-piece Sand and Water Table Play Set carries the European Safety Directive EN71 Safety of Toys certification. In a nutshell, this means that the playset is totally safe for kids and total peace of mind for parents.

On top of that, the playset is made of eco-friendly and non-toxic plastics with smooth and round edges that guarantee freedom of play in every way. Naturally, it’s also great outdoor fun for kids three years and older as they immerse themselves in a world of creative imagination: building sandcastles, steering the trains and letting the boats down the slide. The spinning water wheel and movable sand bucket add an extra dimension to play while other delightful pieces provide more fun under the sun. Or, if you prefer, under the shade with the detachable and adjustable height umbrella.

The entire playset, despite its lightweight, is made to stand firm and steady on grass and sand with its 3-legged base while a convenient water outlet (with supplied water plug) ensures easy drainage of water when playtime is over.


  • Keezi Kids Sand and Water Table Play Set with Umbrella playset includes:
    • 3 Trains
    • 2 Foor Drain
    • 3 Funnels
    • 4 Holders
    • 2 Boats
    • 2 Spinner
    • Spoon
    • Water Can
    • Bucket
    • Paddle Wheel
    • See-Saw Scoop
    • Shovel Rake
    • Umbrella
  • EN71 Safety of Toys certified
  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly material
  • Lightweight design, great outdoor fun for kids
  • Encouraging outdoor play and exercises
  • Ideal for sand and water play
  • Suitable for ages 3+ child
  • Removable umbrella- Adjustable height
  • Water outlet for draining water
  • Three-legged base
  • Round and smooth edges
  • Movable water wheel and sand bucket
  • Boat slide
  • All in one handy packaging
  • Base dimensions: 54 x 63cm
  • Packaging dimensions: 65.5 x 64 x 21cm
  • Suitable for kids, 3 years old onwards

Let your kids out to have fun under the sun with Keezi Kids Sand and Water Table Play Set with Umbrella.